About Adento

Adento started in 2022.

If you are reading this in 2022, you are probably thinking “they are quite new”. 

You would be correct. We are indeed, quite new.

But don’t let that stop you. 

If you invested in Tesla in 2010 you would now have 250 times more money. 

While you aren’t buying shares in Adento, finding the right digital agency is like investing. 

Invest in an average company, get an average return. 

Invest in a great company, get a great return. 

So how do you pick the right one? 

Well, when you invest, you do research and due diligence on potential investments. 

A good place to start when doing your due diligence is to look at the Leadership and Management.


Adento was started by brothers, David and Jonathan Green. 

David worked in Finance and Insurance . He loves people, SEO, food and being outside. 

Jonathan worked in Energy and Renewables. He loves to sell. Like love, love. Like Facebook official , love. He also loves to play football (go Dully!) and the Simpsons.

They are both recovering corporate employees. No offence.

They love sales and they love marketing. 

If you would like to LinkedIn stalk them, we will make it much easier for you. 

This is David and this is Jonathan

After running their own energy company together, they decided that way too many digital and marketing agencies focused on the wrong thing. 

Vanity metrics. 

Big numbers that didn’t have $ in front of them. 

Brackets instead of bold numbers. 

Minimum spends not minimum returns. 

So, they started their own. 

Now all they want to do is help as many businesses as they can make more money with the power of the digital world. 

They like to hire people that actually care about their customers. 

People that go home with ideas exploding from their minds and come in the next day and make them real.  

People that think about how to influence buyers while they sleep. 

People that know how to drive more leads into a business. 

People that aren’t scared to get stuck in and do that hard work. 

People that aren’t scared to ask hard questions and confront change head on. 

Adento has these people. 

So, if you want a Marketing company run with the care and empathy of a family business, the fearless relentless drive of a start up and the knowledge of a huge corporate…

…welcome to Adento. 

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