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Read This Before Doing ANYTHING

At Adento we like stories. Stories help people understand things, help people remember things, help people get things.

So, here is a little story about running your own Google AdWords.

You know when you go to the shops, try on some jeans and they fit perfectly. You look incredible in the mirror. You have finally found your jeans soul mate. You go to the counter, you purchase said jeans and leave feeling pretty good. 

Exceptional even.

This is how you looked when you purchased said jeans…
Couple In Denim Looking Good

That night, you think, let’s go out and show these bad boys off. You walk into your bedroom, take them out of the bag because obviously you haven’t put them away yet. You take the tags off (because they fit so well in the shop). 

First leg in. The memories are flooding back from the change room. My god these are good jeans. Second leg goes in. Before you know it, they are on.

You are the freshest of fresh, finest of fine.

You walk over to the mirror, it’s time to do one last self-assessment.

Then, the sinking feeling sets in. 

You don’t feel quite right, your stomach actually feels like it has moved. Your mood instantly fades.

How could this be true? The mirror must be telling lies!

Quick adjustment, maybe it’s the belt? Maybe it’s the shirt, making them look funny?

As time drags on and a shirt change has no impact the inevitability of the situation has time to fully dawn on you. 

The jeans aren’t what you thought. Then you think, all good, you will take them back! Get different ones.

Then you realise, F**k. You took the tags off! You thought they were perfect! Taking the tags off was risk free.

The sinking feeling sinks even deeper.

This is what you look like when you get home…

What is worse than wasting money? Not much.

Running your own PPC advertising like Google Adwords or Bing can all too easily end up like the jean situation above that we all know tooooo well.

It is exciting, it seems perfect, easy to set up, just turn them on and the money flows in the door. Then the clicks grow, the ad spend grows, but the leads and revenue don’t. 

When the end of the month rolls around or you hit your billing threshold, that’s when that same feeling hits you. You’ve spent all this money and you’ve got something but definitely not what you thought you were getting.

You thought you were getting more leads and more deals but all you got was clicks. Traffic up revenue… no change.

That is why you need to speak to Adento today. Let us help you get the most out of your ad spend. Let us help turn clicks into meaningful interactions that drive leads and revenue!

Let us go shopping with you so we can say, maybe try on just one more pair.

Request a free consultation so we can sit down together and see if we can help you push your dollar further(obviously over zoom if need be).

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