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Websites That Work For You Not Against You

We help build websites for SME’s that get their businesses going don’t get in the way of their business.

Remember that? 

We once had to wait for that sound to finish before we could do a thing. 

Imagine waiting to mindlessly scroll through useless crap on Instagram.

Scary stuff. 

The internet has come along way since then and having a cracker website is a perquisite not an option.

However, we still find that too many businesses, especially SME’s have big issues with their sites.

What issues? 

Well, the big ones we kept hearing…

“I can’t even make a small change myself without paying for it.”

Yep, we feel you. 

You want to make a tiny change but you have to call or email the agency, they take forever to respond and then want to charge you for “dev” work. 

You know what that is, that is a stitch up.

We held design on a CMS so that anyone can make changes. 

Will you re-design your whole page?

Probably not, but we will help empower you to be able to do more. 

“Why is it so expensive?”

No one likes paying too much for anything, us included. 

That is why we focus on what you want, not what suits our sales targets. 

You want simple? We will give you simple! 

You want to build the biggest best website to take on your competitors, we will help build it so big the council has to get involved.

“Why is my site so sloooowwwww”

Too often, you will get your site slapped on their own little server that you have no insight over so they can charge you a cracker monthly fee for an average product. 

F*** that. 

We build on the best cloud servers around the world so your site is lightening fast.

Plus, we will set you up on ours or set your up on your own cloud server. 

Because at the end of the day, we want what you want. 

Either way we will make sure it is faster than a green grass through a goose.

Anyway, the list goes on but this page doesn’t. 

If you are looking to rebuild your page, build something from sceratch or just have some questions, click the button and fill out the form or go old school and just pick up the dog and bone. 

We would love to speak with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The average small business website should cost around $3,000 – $5,000 MAX. Anymore, I would be asking a lot of questions, any less I would want to understand why. For a large complex site, it is best to get a quote before you budget for anything.
Sure. This is a bit of marketing buzz because it’s such a qualitive open ended statement. Read out post on the meaning of SEO friendly for more information.
Yes! We avoid customer CMS and messy code. Unless you need a customer solution, you don’t need a custom solution. In saying that, we are always here for you if you need us. Plus, we run free SME training nights on basic web design for our clients. Yeah, we’re legends.
Yes, 100%. Best friends quite possibly but time will tell.
First, panic. Kidding! We are only ever a phone call or email away. Plus, if we host it, it probably won’t TBH.
So many reasons. It is easy to use for you, fast as, a million people can code in it so if you ended up hating us you can bail really easy plus, guess who else uses it for their websites! Sony Music, Time Magazine, CNN Press Room, Vogue (the list goes on).

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